Stable field emission from ZnO nanowires grown on 3D graphene foam

  title={Stable field emission from ZnO nanowires grown on 3D graphene foam},
  author={Shuyi Ding and Haiyuan Cui and Wei Lei and Xiaobing Zhang and Baoping. Wang},
  journal={2014 27th International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference (IVNC)},
Graphene was grown directly on nickel foam (NF) to form three dimensional graphene foam (GF), followed by growth of zinc oxide nanowires (ZNWs) on the surface of GF by hydrothermal method. In comparison with pristine GF, the ZNW/GF hybrid structure exhibited efficient field emission with a low turn-on field of 1.7V/μm, a low threshold field of 2.4 V/μm, high emission spot density, a high field enhancement factor of 1878 and excellent emitting stability. We proposed that the introduction of ZNWs… CONTINUE READING


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