Stable expression of chimeric heavy chain antibodies in CHO cells.

  title={Stable expression of chimeric heavy chain antibodies in CHO cells.},
  author={Vishal V. Agrawal and Igor Slivac and Sylvie Perret and Louis Bisson and Gilles St-Laurent and Yanal M Murad and Jianbing Zhang and Yves Durocher},
  journal={Methods in molecular biology},
Camelid single domain antibodies fused to noncamelid Fc regions, also called chimeric heavy chain antibodies (cHCAb), offer great potential as therapeutic and diagnostic candidates due to their relatively small size (80 kDa) and intact Fc. In this chapter, we describe two approaches, limiting dilution and minipools, for generating nonamplified Chinese hamster ovary cell lines stably expressing cHCAb in suspension and serum-free cultures using a stringent antibiotic selection. Neither of the… CONTINUE READING