Stable boron isotope fractionation between dissolved B ( OH ) 3 and B ( OH ) 4 –

  title={Stable boron isotope fractionation between dissolved B ( OH ) 3 and B ( OH ) 4 –},
  author={Richard E. Zeebe},
The stable boron isotope ratio (B/B) in marine carbonates is used as a paleo-pH recorder and is one of the most promising paleo-carbonate chemistry proxies. Understanding the thermodynamic basis of the proxy is of fundamental importance, including knowledge on the equilibrium fractionation factor between dissolved boric acid, B(OH)3, and borate ion, B(OH)4 – ( B OH 3 B OH 4 , hereafter (B3–B4)). However, this factor has hitherto not been determined experimentally and a theoretically calculated… CONTINUE READING


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