Stable Electrical Operation of 6H–SiC JFETs and ICs for Thousands of Hours at 500 $^{\circ}\hbox{C}$

  title={Stable Electrical Operation of 6H–SiC JFETs and ICs for Thousands of Hours at 500 \$^\{\circ\}\hbox\{C\}\$},
  author={P. Neudeck and D. J. Spry and Liang-Yu Chen and G. M. Beheim and R S Okojie and C. Chang and R. D. Meredith and T. L. Ferrier and L. Evans and M. Krasowski and N. F. Prokop},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
The fabrication and testing of the first semiconductor transistors and small-scale integrated circuits (ICs) to achieve up to 3000 h of stable electrical operation at 500degC in air ambient is reported. These devices are based on an epitaxial 6H-SiC junction field-effect transistor process that successfully integrated high-temperature ohmic contacts, dielectric passivation, and ceramic packaging. Important device and circuit parameters exhibited less than 10% of change over the course of the… CONTINUE READING
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