Stable Complexes of Axoplasmic Vesicles and Microtubules : Protein Composition and ATPase Activity


Fast transport of axonal vesicles and organelles is a microtubule-associated movement (Griffin, J. W., K. E. Fahnestock, L. Price, and P. N. Hoffman, 1983, J. Neuroscience, 3:557-566; Schnapp, B. J., R. D. Vale, M. P. Sheetz, and T. S. Reese, 1984, Cell, 40:455-462; Allen, R. D., D. G. Weiss, J. H. Hayden, D. T. Brown, H. Fujiwake, and M. Simpson, 1985, J… (More)

9 Figures and Tables


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