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Stabilizing volume-law entangled states of fermions and qubits using local dissipation

  title={Stabilizing volume-law entangled states of fermions and qubits using local dissipation},
  author={Andrew J. Pocklington and Yu-Xin Wang and Yariv Yanay and Aashish A. Clerk},
We analyze a general method for the dissipative preparation and stabilization of volume-law entangled states of fermionic and qubit lattice systems in 1D (and higher dimensions for fermions). Our approach requires minimal resources: nearest-neighbour Hamiltonian interactions that obey a suitable chiral symmetry, and the realization of just a single, spatially-localized dissipative pairing interaction. In the case of a qubit array, the dissipative model we study is not integrable and maps to an… Expand

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