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Stabilizing Pakistan: The Importance of Religious Foundations

  title={Stabilizing Pakistan: The Importance of Religious Foundations},
  author={Muhammad Junaid Nadvi},
ABSTRACT While discussing the common perception and reasons offered to explain instability of Pakistan, this essay recommends a viable solution for Pakistan’s stability within the religious spirit and sentiments of its people. The main argument of this paper is, therefore, distinct from those mostly written about the instability of Pakistan in the academic circles and disseminated worldwide through print and electronic media. Since it is a theological document, it does not condemn the views of… 

Social support at a Sufi lodge in Punjab, Pakistan

In this article, we analyze the various types of social support – informational, instrumenmental, and emotional/psychological help – that are provided at a Sufi lodge in southern Punjab, Pakistan. We



The Sociological Tradition

When first published, The Sociological Tradition had a profound and positive impact on sociology, providing a rich sense of intellectual background to a relatively new discipline in America. Robert

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