Stabilization of rigid body dynamics using the Serret-Andoyer variables

  title={Stabilization of rigid body dynamics using the Serret-Andoyer variables},
  author={Pini Gurfil},
  journal={Proceedings of the 2005, American Control Conference, 2005.},
  pages={2122-2127 vol. 3}
  • Pini Gurfil
  • Published 2005 in
    Proceedings of the 2005, American Control…
This paper develops a new controller for stabilization of rigid body dynamics. The state-space model is formulated using canonical elements, known as the Serret-Andoyer variables, thus far unused for engineering applications. The controllability of the problem is examined and a damping feedback is derived using the Jurdjevic-Quinn method. It is shown that the new feedback controller is an asymptotic smooth feedback stabilizer. The performance of the new controller is examined in a simulation… CONTINUE READING