Stabilization of microtubules by GTP analogues.

  title={Stabilization of microtubules by GTP analogues.},
  author={Marisan R. Mejillano and Jonathan S. Barton and Richard H. Himes},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={166 2},
We recently demonstrated that the nonhydrolyzable analogues of GTP (GMPPCP and GMPPNP) and ATP support the elongation phase of tubulin assembly and are incorporated into the E-site of polymerized tubulin. In this report we studied the stability of microtubules containing GTP analogues by examining length redistributions after shearing at polymer steady state. The mean length of a population of microtubules containing GMPPCP increased only by 37% over a 150 min time period after shearing… CONTINUE READING

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