Stabilization of measles virus for vaccine formulation.

  title={Stabilization of measles virus for vaccine formulation.},
  author={Julian M Kissmann and Salvador Fernando Ausar and Angela Rudolph and Chad S Braun and Stephen P. Cape and Robert E. Sievers and Mark J. Federspiel and Sangeeta B. Joshi and C. Russell Middaugh},
  journal={Human vaccines},
  volume={4 5},
An attenuated live measles virus (MV) was characterized by several biophysical methods as a function of temperature and pH. Following a method developed previously, the resultant light scattering and spectroscopic data were synthesized into an empirical phase diagram that visually and simultaneously represents the entire data set. Using this empirically-based phase diagram, screening assays were developed to identify potential vaccine stabilizers. Various compounds are shown by these assays to… CONTINUE READING

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