Stabilization of Positive Linear Discrete-Time Systems by Using a Brauer's Theorem

  title={Stabilization of Positive Linear Discrete-Time Systems by Using a Brauer's Theorem},
  author={Bego{\~n}a Cant{\'o} and Rafael Cant{\'o} and Snezhana P. Kostova},
The stabilization problem of positive linear discrete-time systems (PLDS) by linear state feedback is considered. A method based on a Brauer's theorem is proposed for solving the problem. It allows us to modify some eigenvalues of the system without changing the rest of them. The problem is studied for the single-input single-output (SISO) and for multi-input multioutput (MIMO) cases and sufficient conditions for stability and positivity of the closed-loop system are proved. The results are… CONTINUE READING


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