Stabilization/solidification of galvanic sludges by asphalt emulsions.

  title={Stabilization/solidification of galvanic sludges by asphalt emulsions.},
  author={Vratislav Bednař{\'i}k and Milan Vondru{\vs}ka and Marek Koutn{\'y}},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
  volume={122 1-2},
A combination of two-aqueous asphalt emulsions was proposed for stabilization/solidification treatment of galvanic sludges prior to landfilling. The presented procedure comprises mixing the galvanic sludge with a slow setting nonionic asphalt emulsion and subsequently forming a secondary asphalt barrier by means of a rapid setting anionic asphalt emulsion. The method was tested on four samples of galvanic sludge from various galvanizing plants, with various water and pollutant contents… CONTINUE READING