Stability studies of ionic liquid [EMIm][NTf2] under short-term thermal exposure

  title={Stability studies of ionic liquid [EMIm][NTf2] under short-term thermal exposure},
  author={Christin Neise and Christine Rautenberg and Ursula Bentrup and Martin Oct. Beck and Mathias Ahrenberg and Christoph Schick and Olaf Kessler and Udo Kragl},
Ionic liquids (ILs) as new media for synthesis and as functional fluids in technical applications are still of high interest. Cooling a steel component from an annealing temperature of nearly 850 °C down to room temperature in a liquid bath is a technically important process. The use of ionic liquids offers advantages avoiding film boiling of the quenching medium. However, such a high immersion temperature exceeds the thermal stability of the IL, for example such as [EMIm][NTf2]. To obtain… CONTINUE READING