Stability radii of polynomial matrices

  title={Stability radii of polynomial matrices},
  author={Yves Y. Genin and Paul Van Dooren},
which are square invertible and have zeros – i.e. roots of detP (λ) – inside a given region Γ. We say that P (λ) is Γ-stable and call Γ the stability region. The complex stability radius rC of such polynomial matrices is the norm of the smallest perturbation ∆P (λ) . = ∆P0 +∆P1λ+ · · ·∆Pkλ k needed to “destabilize” P (λ) + ∆P (λ) and hence causing at least one zero of P (λ) + ∆P (λ) to leave the region Γ. If we measure the perturbations via the norm of a constant matrix ∆ depending on the… CONTINUE READING

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