Stability of room temperature compensated half-metallicity in Cr-based Inverse-Heusler Compounds

  title={Stability of room temperature compensated half-metallicity in Cr-based Inverse-Heusler Compounds},
  author={Hyo-Sun Jin and K.‐W. Lee},
  journal={Current Applied Physics},
  • Hyo-Sun Jin, K. Lee
  • Published 1 February 2018
  • Materials Science, Physics
  • Current Applied Physics
Abstract Using three correlated band approaches, namely the conventional band approach plus on-site Coulomb repulsion U, the modified Becke-Johnson functional, and hybrid functional, we have investigated inverse-Heusler ferrimagnets Cr2Co Z ( Z =Al, Ga, In). These approaches commonly indicate that the Cr2CoAl synthesized recently is a precise compensated half-metal (CHM), whereas Cr2CoGa and Cr2CoIn are ferrimagnets with a small moment. This is also confirmed by the fixed spin moment approach… Expand
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