Stability of rapidly rotating charged black holes in AdS5 ? S5

  title={Stability of rapidly rotating charged black holes in AdS5 ? S5},
  author={Micha Berkooz and Anna Frishman and Amir Zait},
  journal={Classical and Quantum Gravity},
  • Micha Berkooz, Anna Frishman, Amir Zait
  • Published 2013
  • Physics
  • Classical and Quantum Gravity
  • We study the stability of charged rotating black holes in a consistent truncation of type IIB supergravity on AdS5 × S5 that degenerate to extremal black holes with zero entropy. These black holes have scaling properties between charge and angular momentum similar to those of Fermi surface-like operators in a subsector of SYM. By solving the equation of motion for a massless scalar field in this background, using matched asymptotic expansion followed by a numerical solution scheme, we are able… CONTINUE READING

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