Stability of polyphenols in chokeberry juice treated with gas phase plasma.

  title={Stability of polyphenols in chokeberry juice treated with gas phase plasma.},
  author={Danijela Bursa{\'c} Kova{\vc}evi{\'c} and Jasenka Gajdo{\vs} Kljusuri{\'c} and Predrag Putnik and Tomislava Vuku{\vs}i{\'c} and Zoran Herceg and Verica Dragovi{\'c}-Uzelac},
  journal={Food chemistry},
Chokeberry juice was subjected to cold atmospheric gas phase plasma and changes in hydroxycinnamic acids, flavonols and anthocyanins were monitored. Plasma treatments were carried out under different treatment times and juice volumes under constant gas flow (0.75dm(3)min(-1)). The results were compared against control (untreated) and pasteurized chokeberry juice (80°C/2min). During pasteurization, the most unstable were hydroxycinnamic acids with losses of up to 59%, while flavonols and… CONTINUE READING

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