Stability of neuropsychological performance in anorexia nervosa.

  title={Stability of neuropsychological performance in anorexia nervosa.},
  author={Ania E Mikos and Bradley D McDowell and David J. Moser and John David Bayless and Wayne A. Bowers and Arnold E. Andersen and Jane S. Paulsen},
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INTRODUCTION We investigated the stability of neuropsychological performance and eating disorder (EDO) symptoms before, immediately after, and 2 years after inpatient treatment. We also examined relationships between neuropsychological and EDO measures. METHODS Sixteen women who were admitted for inpatient treatment of anorexia nervosa participated in three evaluations: (1) at admission to the hospital, (2) at discharge, and (3) at a follow-up exam approximately two years after discharge… CONTINUE READING