Stability of general-relativistic accretion disks

  title={Stability of general-relativistic accretion disks},
  author={Oleg Korobkin and Ernazar Abdikamalov and Erik Schnetter and Nikolaos Stergioulas and Burkhard Zink},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Self-gravitating relativistic disks around black holes can form as transient structures in a number of astrophysical scenarios such as binary neutron star and black hole-neutron star coalescences, as well as the core collapse of massive stars. We explore the stability of such disks against runaway and nonaxisymmetric instabilities using three-dimensional hydrodynamics simulations in full general relativity using the Thor code. We model the disk matter using the ideal fluid approximation with a… 
Gravitational waves from disks around spinning black holes: Simulations in full general relativity.
Computing the accretion rate of self-gravitating tori around spinning black holes with dimensionless spin a/M = 0.7 finds that these systems may also be promising sources of coincident electromagnetic signals.
General Relativistic Simulations of Accretion Disks Around Tilted Kerr Black Holes
We simulate the dynamics of self-gravitating accretion disks around tilted Kerr black holes (BH) in full 3D general relativity. For this purpose we employ the EinsteinToolkit, using the thorn
We present the first numerical result of fully general relativistic axisymmetric simulations for the collapse of a rotating high-entropy stellar core to a black hole and an accretion disk. The
Relativistic Dynamics and Mass Exchange in Binary Black Hole Mini-disks
We present the first exploration of gas dynamics in a relativistic binary black hole (BH) system in which an accretion disk (a “mini-disk”) orbits each BH. We focus on 2D hydrodynamical studies of
Black Hole Formation and Explosion from Rapidly Rotating Very Massive Stars
We explore the formation process of a black hole (BH) through the pair-instability collapse of a rotating Population III very massive star in axisymmetric numerical relativity. As the initial
Non-linear evolutions of magnetized thick discs around black holes: dependence on the initial data
We build equilibrium solutions of magnetised thick discs around a highly spinning Kerr black hole and evolve these initial data up to a final time of about 100 orbital periods. The numerical
On the dynamics of tilted black hole-torus systems
We present results from three-dimensional, numerical relativity simulations of a {\it tilted} black hole-thick accretion disc system. The simulations are analysed using tracer particles in the disc
Mass ejection from disks surrounding a low-mass black hole: Viscous neutrino-radiation hydrodynamics simulation in full general relativity
New viscous neutrino-radiation hydrodynamics simulations are performed for accretion disks surrounding a spinning black hole with low mass $3M_\odot$ and dimensionless spin 0.8 or 0.6 in full general
Evolution of the Magnetized, Neutrino-Cooled Accretion Disk in the Aftermath of a Black Hole Neutron Star Binary Merger
Black hole-torus systems from compact binary mergers are possible engines for gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). During the early evolution of the post-merger remnant, the state of the torus is determined by a
Cooling-induced structure formation and evolution in collapsars
The collapse of massive rotating stellar cores and the associated accretion onto the newborn compact object is thought to power long gamma ray bursts (GRBs). The physical scale and dynamics of the


Puncture evolution of Schwarzschild black holes
The moving puncture method is analyzed for a single, nonspinning black hole. It is shown that the puncture region is not resolved by current numerical codes. As a result, the geometry near the
The classical theory of fields
The principle of relativity Relativistic mechanics Electromagnetic fields Electromagnetic waves The propagation of light The field of moving charges Radiation of electromagnetic waves Particle in a
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