Stability of epinephrine in alkalinized solutions.

  title={Stability of epinephrine in alkalinized solutions.},
  author={L Bonhomme and Dan Benhamou and Etienne Comoy and N Pr{\'e}aux},
  journal={Annals of emergency medicine},
  volume={19 11},
STUDY OBJECTIVE Increasing the pH of an epinephrine solution favors its oxidation and may result in a decrease in its biological activity. It is therefore generally assumed that epinephrine and sodium bicarbonate should not be infused in the same IV line during CPR. The aim of this study was to determine the validity of this widely accepted proposition. DESIGN AND SETTING Two different commercial solutions of epinephrine differing only in the concentration of sodium metabisulfite (0.46% and 0… CONTINUE READING