Stability of Special Instanton Bundles on P 2 " + 1

  title={Stability of Special Instanton Bundles on P 2 " + 1},
  author={Vincenzo Ancona and Giorgio Ottaviani},
We prove that the special instanton bundles of rank 2« on P2n+1(C) with a symplectic structure studied by Spindler and Trautmann are stable in the sense of Mumford-Takemoto. This implies that the generic special instanton bundle is stable. Moreover all instanton bundles on P5 are stable. We get also the stability of other related vector bundles. Introduction The instanton bundles of rank 2n on p2"+1 (C) were first defined by Okonek and Spindler in [OS], answering a question posed by Salamon in… CONTINUE READING


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