Stability of Paprika without supplementary antioxidants during storage under industrial controlled conditions.

  title={Stability of Paprika without supplementary antioxidants during storage under industrial controlled conditions.},
  author={Antonio P{\'e}rez-G{\'a}lvez and D{\'a}maso Hornero-M{\'e}ndez and Mar{\'i}a Isabel M{\'i}nguez-Mosquera},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={57 11},
Different quality parameters of paprika samples stored under controlled conditions (temperature 4 degrees C and relative humidity 70%) and without reconstitution of the antioxidant levels were analyzed. These included carotenoid composition, ASTA values (as specified by the American Spice Trade Association), fatty acid composition, and peroxide index, in order to determine the progress of autoxidative reactions and directly correlate the loss of carotenoid fraction with the development of… CONTINUE READING


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