Stability of Networked Control Systems With Uncertain Time-Varying Delays

  title={Stability of Networked Control Systems With Uncertain Time-Varying Delays},
  author={Marieke B. G. Cloosterman and Nathan van de Wouw and W. P. M. H. Heemels and Henk Nijmeijer},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control},
In this technical note, a new approach for the stability analysis and controller synthesis of networked control systems (NCSs) with uncertain, time-varying, network delays is presented. Based on the Jordan form of the continuous-time plant, a discrete-time representation of the NCS is derived. Using this model for delays that can be both smaller and larger than the sampling interval, sufficient LMI conditions for stability and feedback stabilization are proposed. The results are illustrated by… CONTINUE READING
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