Stability of HAMLET--a kinetically trapped alpha-lactalbumin oleic acid complex.

  title={Stability of HAMLET--a kinetically trapped alpha-lactalbumin oleic acid complex.},
  author={Jonas L Fast and A Mossberg and Catharina Svanborg and Sara Linse},
  journal={Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society},
  volume={14 2},
The stability toward thermal and urea denaturation was measured for HAMLET (human alpha-lactalbumin made lethal to tumor cells) and alpha-lactalbumin, using circular dichroism and fluorescence spectroscopy as well as differential scanning calorimetry. Under all conditions examined, HAMLET appears to have the same or lower stability than alpha-lactalbumin. The largest difference is seen for thermal denaturation of the calcium free (apo) forms, where the temperature at the transition midpoint is… CONTINUE READING

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