Stability of Call Sequence in Dugongs' Vocalization

  title={Stability of Call Sequence in Dugongs' Vocalization},
  author={Nobutaka Okumura and Kotaro Ichikawa and Tomonari 7 Akamatsu and Nobuaki Arai and Tomio Shinke and Takeshi Hara and Kanjana Adulyanukosol},
  journal={OCEANS 2006 - Asia Pacific},
Dugongs (Dugong dugon) produce different types of vocalization such as chirp, trill, and barks. Previous reports showed that dugongs have two kinds of phonemes: long duration calls (trill) and short duration calls (chirp-squeaks hereinafter called chirp). Especially, the chirp and trill calls were widely reported in different populations. However, characteristics of call patterns in dugongs have never been reported. Moreover, the function of these calls was not revealed. The objective of this… CONTINUE READING