Stability indicating methods for the determination of aceclofenac.

  title={Stability indicating methods for the determination of aceclofenac.},
  author={Nagiba Y Hasan and M Abdel-Elkawy and Badr E Elzeany and Nour E Wagieh},
  volume={58 2},
Five new selective, precise and accurate methods for the determination of aceclofenac in the presence of its degradation product; diclofenac are described. Method A utilizes third derivative spectrophotometry at 242 nm. Method B is RSD(1) spectrophotometric method based on the simultaneous use of the first derivative of ratio spectra and measurement at 245 nm. Method C is a pH-induced difference (deltaA) spectrophotometry using UV measurement at 273 nm. Method D is a spectrodensitometric one… CONTINUE READING

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