Stability and robustness analysis of d/dt-closed-loop IGBT gate drive

  title={Stability and robustness analysis of d/dt-closed-loop IGBT gate drive},
  author={Yanick Lobsiger and J. W. Kolar},
  journal={2013 Twenty-Eighth Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC)},
Closed-loop IGBT switching trajectory control by means of an active IGBT gate drive (AGD) ensures an operation of the IGBT in the SOA and enables the minimization of switching delays, switching losses and EMI. In this paper the closed-loop control of diC/dt and dvCE/dt by the use of an AGD is investigated on the basis of control-oriented small signal IGBT modeling and the analysis of IGBT module parasitics. Therewith, analytical stability considerations are carried out employing root-locus… CONTINUE READING
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