Stability and excitations of a bilayer of strongly correlated dipolar bosons

  title={Stability and excitations of a bilayer of strongly correlated dipolar bosons},
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We study correlation effects and excitations in a dipolar Bose gas bilayer which is modeled by a one-dimensional double well trap that determines the width of an individual layer, the distance between the two layers, and the height of the barrier between them. For the ground state calculations we use the hypernetted--chain Euler Lagrange method and for the calculation of the excitations we use the correlated basis function method. We observe instabilities both for wide, well-separated layers… 

Striped Ultradilute Liquid of Dipolar Bosons in Two Dimensions

We investigate the phases of a Bose-Einstein condensate of dipolar atoms restricted to move in a two-dimensional plane. The dipole moments are all aligned in a direction tilted with respect to the

Dynamic properties and the roton mode attenuation in the liquid 3He: an ab initio study within the self-consistent method of moments

The density-density dynamic structure factor and the eigenmodes of density fluctuations in the uniform liquid 3 He are studied using a novel non-perturbative approach. The introduced self-consistent

Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of ultracold atomic systems

QUANTUM MONTE CARLO SIMULATIONS OF ULTRACOLD ATOMIC SYSTEMS Emre Akatürk Ph.D. in Physics Advisor: Bilal Tanatar July 2019 Here, we present our work and findings on ultracold atomic systems. We first

Collective Transport of Magnetic Microparticles at a Fluid Interface through Dynamic Self‐Assembled Lattices

The transport of confined micron‐sized particles plays an important role in a range of phenomena in biology, colloidal science, and solid‐state physics. Here, an easily implementable strategy that

Correlations of stripe phase in one-dimensional spin-orbit coupled Bose gas

The authors study the interplay between interaction effects and the spin-orbit induced density oscillations of the stripe phase by taking quantum fluctuations into account.

Density-wave instability and collective modes in a bilayer system of antiparallel dipoles

We consider a bilayer of dipolar particles in which the polarization of dipoles is perpendicular to the planes, in the antiparallel configuration. Using accurate static structure factor S ( q ) data




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