Stability analysis of the RBF-ARX model based nonlinear predictive control

  title={Stability analysis of the RBF-ARX model based nonlinear predictive control},
  author={Hong-ying Peng and Takemasa Ozaki and Kazushi Nakano and Valerie Haggan-Ozaki and Yukihiro Toyoda},
  journal={2003 European Control Conference (ECC)},
This paper gives stability analysis of the nonlinear predictive control strategy based on the off-line identified RBF-ARX model which is a pseudo-linear time-varying ARX model with system working-point dependent Gaussian RBF neural network style coefficients. The predictive controller doesn't require on-line parameter estimation; it may be applied to a class of smooth nonlinear processes whose working-point varies over a wide range. Stability analysis of the nonlinear predictive controller is… CONTINUE READING


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