Stability, water exchange, and anion binding studies on lanthanide(III) complexes with a macrocyclic ligand based on 1,7-diaza-12-crown-4: extremely fast water exchange on the Gd3+ complex.


The picolinate-derivative ligand based on the 1,7-diaza-12-crown-4 platform (bp12c4(2-)) forms stable Ln(3+) complexes with stability constants increasing from the early to the middle lanthanides, then being relatively constant for the rest of the series (logK(LnL) = 16.81(0.06), 18.82(0.01), and 18.08(0.05) for Ln = La, Gd, and Yb, respectively). The… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/ic9011197