Stabilité structurelle et morphogenèse

  title={Stabilit{\'e} structurelle et morphogen{\`e}se},
  author={Ren{\'e} Thom},
  • R. Thom
  • Published 1974
  • Sociology
  • Poetics
Generic singularities of line fields on 2D manifolds
Generic singularities of line fields have been studied for lines of principal curvature of embedded surfaces. In this paper we propose an approach to classify generic singularities of general lineExpand
Synchrony in reaction–diffusion models of morphogenesis: applications to curvature-dependent proliferation and zero-diffusion front waves
  • L. Abbas, J. Demongeot, N. Glade
  • Physics, Biology
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2009
The paper presents the classical age-dependent approach of the morphogenesis in the framework of the von Foerster equation, in which a new constraint and feature are introduced, favouring local coexistence of diffusing morphogens, metabolites or cells, and hence the auto-assemblages of these entities. Expand
Fibonacci's sequence obtained by a general recursive formula
The most general linear di¤erence equation has been introduced in the literature and solved theoretically by Marchi and Millán in [3]. However, the explicit formula has to be developed further forExpand
Nonnormality and divergence in posttreatment alcohol use: reexamining the Project MATCH data "another way.".
Data from Project Matching Alcohol Treatments to Client Heterogeneity, a multisite alcohol treatment study, were reanalyzed with 2 statistical methodologies: catastrophe and 2-part growth mixture modeling and demonstrated a dynamic relationship between self-efficacy and drinking outcomes. Expand
Catastrophe Theory Enables Moves to be Detected Towards and Away from Self-Organization: The Example of Epileptic Seizure Onset
  • R. Cerf
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Biological Cybernetics
  • 2006
The measurable parameters by which approach to catastrophe is characterized, may be of use in investigations of the organism’s plasticity in epileptic patients, and in tests of therapeutic means for preventing seizures, and therefore no differential equation needs to be set up. Expand
Applications of cusp catastrophe models to the relapse process
A bisector Line Field Approach to Interpolation of Orientation Fields
The method is based on a geometric model called bisector line fields, which maps a pair of vector fields to an orientation field, effectively generalizing the notion of doubling phase vector fields. Expand
Elements of Consciousness and Cognition. Biology, Mathematic, Physics and Panpsychism: an Information Topology Perspective
This review presents recent and older results on elementary quantitative and qualitative aspects of consciousness and cognition and proposes that the formalism of information topology provides a preliminary basis for synthesizing the main models of cognition and consciousness within a formal Gestalt theory. Expand
A Dynamical-Systems Approach to Understanding Turbulence in Plane Couette Flow
Dynamical systems theory is used to understand the dynamics of low-dimensional spatio-temporal chaos. Our research aimed to apply the theory to understanding turbulent fluid flows, which could beExpand
Geometric Theory of Heat from Souriau Lie Groups Thermodynamics and Koszul Hessian Geometry: Applications in Information Geometry for Exponential Families
We introduce the symplectic structure of information geometry based on Souriau’s Lie group thermodynamics model, with a covariant definition of Gibbs equilibrium via invariances through co-adjointExpand


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