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Stabilité structurelle et morphogénèse : essai d'une théorie générale des modèles

  title={Stabilit{\'e} structurelle et morphog{\'e}n{\`e}se : essai d'une th{\'e}orie g{\'e}n{\'e}rale des mod{\`e}les},
  author={Ren{\'e} Thom},
Born to Parse How Children Select Their Languages
structure in a generative system changes, that typically has multiple consequences for the structures and expressions generated by the system, leading to discontinuities and possibilities forExpand
Topologie d'une cité fantôme : une approche catastrophique ou chaotique
Dans cet article, nous nous proposons dans une premiere partie de donner un apercu de la theorie des catastrophes de Rene Thom, et plus precisement l'application qu'il en donne a la linguistiqueExpand
A quantitative landscape of cell fate transitions identifies principles of cellular decision-making
A principled statistical approach using flow cytometry data to quantify differentiating cell states and a framework based on Catastrophe Theory and approximate Bayesian computation produced a quantitative model that accurately predicted the proportions of neural and mesodermal cells differentiating in response to specific signalling regimes. Expand
Self-accelerating beam dynamics in the space fractional Schrödinger equation
Self-accelerating beams are fascinating solutions of the Schrodinger equation. Thanks to their particular phase engineering, they can accelerate without the need of external potentials or appliedExpand
Machine Learning to Predict Diels-Alder Reaction Barriers from the Reactant State Electron Density
Reaction barriers are key to our understanding of chemical reactivity and catalysis. Certain reactions are so seminal in chemistry, that countless variants, with or without catalysts, have beenExpand
Slip lines versus shear bands: Two competing localization modes
Abstract Granular materials can develop two different failure modes following their initial density and the loading path: a localized mode, generally characterized by shear bands, and a diffuse modeExpand
Catastrophe theory-based risk evaluation model for water and mud inrush and its application in karst tunnels
This paper presents a risk evaluation model of water and mud inrush for tunnel excavation in karst areas. The factors affecting the probabilities of water and mud inrush in karst tunnels areExpand
Inferring Models with Alternative Stable States from Independent Observations
A statistical inferential framework is described that uses independent, noisy observations with low temporal resolution to support or refute multiple attractor process models and is applied to contemporary issues in social-ecological systems, coral ecosystems, and chaotic systems, showing that incorporating history allows us to statistically infer process models with alternative stable states while minimizing false positives. Expand