Sss1p Is Required to Complete Protein Translocon Activation*

  title={Sss1p Is Required to Complete Protein Translocon Activation*},
  author={Barrie M. Wilkinson and Judith K. Brownsword and Carl J Mousley and C. J. Stirling},
  booktitle={The Journal of biological chemistry},
Protein translocation across the endoplasmic reticulum membrane occurs at the Sec61 translocon. This has two essential subunits, the channel-forming multispanning membrane protein Sec61p/Sec61α and the tail-anchored Sss1p/Sec61γ, which has been proposed to "clamp" the channel. We have analyzed the function of Sss1p using a series of domain mutants and found that both the cytosolic and transmembrane clamp domains of Sss1p are essential for protein translocation. Our data reveal that the… CONTINUE READING