Sri Ramakrishna, the Kathamrita and the Calcutta middle classes: an old problematic revisited

  title={Sri Ramakrishna, the Kathamrita and the Calcutta middle classes: an old problematic revisited},
  author={Amiya P. Sen},
  journal={Postcolonial Studies},
  pages={165 - 177}
  • Amiya P. Sen
  • Published 1 June 2006
  • History
  • Postcolonial Studies
In a well-known essay of 1976, Walter G Neevel alerted us to certain ‘transformations’ in the Bengali mystic, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (1836 /1886). The three transformations that Neevel speaks of were effected, if one reads him correctly, not so much on account of Ramakrishna himself as despite him. The first*/the transformation of the ‘madman’ of the early years to the benign, saintly figure of the later years*/appears to have been brought about more by shifting public gaze than some… 
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A Religion of Urban Domesticity: Sri Ramakrishna and the Calcutta Middle Classes

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        Ramakrishna's spiritual title Paramahamsa means literally 'supreme swan' or, unkindly

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