Sr3Ti2O7 Ruddlesden−Popper Phase Synthesis by Milling Routes

  title={Sr3Ti2O7 Ruddlesden−Popper Phase Synthesis by Milling Routes},
  author={Teresa Hungr{\'i}a and Judit Gloria Lisoni and Alicia Castro},
This paper presents a new method of synthesis, mechanochemical activation, for the preparation of the Sr3Ti2O7 Ruddlesden−Popper (RP) phase. The results obtained from different starting reagents (SrO, SrCO3, or Sr(OH)2·8H2O and TiO2 anatase) and mechanical activation systems (vibrating and planetary mills) are compared. An optimized protocol is established that permits one to avoid the high temperatures and long reaction times needed in the classical solid-state reaction method; as a byproduct… CONTINUE READING