Sr1/2Ce5/14□1/7WO4: a new modulated ternary scheelite compound.


For the first time, a ternary tetragonal scheelite structure tungstate with strontium and cerium cations, (Sr,Ce)WO4, was synthesized. As much as 35% Ce could be inserted into the structure, leaving 1\over 7 of the (Sr,Ce) cation sites vacant. Partial ordering of Sr and Ce, with atomic displacements, were shown by high-resolution electron microscopy. Two… (More)
DOI: 10.1107/S2052520617002827


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@article{Passos2017Sr12Ce51417WO4AN, title={Sr1/2Ce5/14□1/7WO4: a new modulated ternary scheelite compound.}, author={Rafael Hernandez Damascena Dos Passos and Madjid Arab and Carlson Pereira de Souza and Christine M. Leroux}, journal={Acta crystallographica Section B, Structural science, crystal engineering and materials}, year={2017}, volume={73 Pt 3}, pages={466-473} }