Squeezing a helium nanodroplet with a Rydberg electron.

  title={Squeezing a helium nanodroplet with a Rydberg electron.},
  author={F. Ancilotto and Mart{\'i} Pi and Ricardo Mayol and Manuel Barranco and Kevin K Lehmann},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. A},
  volume={111 49},
We have investigated, by means of density functional theory, the structure of a "scolium", that is, an electron circulating around a positively charged 4He nanodroplet, temporarily prevented from neutralization by the helium-electron repulsion. The positive ion core resides in the center of the nanodroplet where, as a consequence of electrostriction, a strong increase in the helium density with respect to its bulk value occurs. The electron enveloping the 4He cluster exerts an additional… CONTINUE READING