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Square wave voltammetry sensing of ibuprofen on glassy carbon electrode

  title={Square wave voltammetry sensing of ibuprofen on glassy carbon electrode},
  author={E. Suresh and K. Sundaram and Balasubramani Kavitha and N. Senthil Kumar},
A glassy carbon was shown to enable the determination of ibuprofen using square wave voltammetry in aqueous alcoholic buffer of p H 1.0. The effect of pH was studied at different medium such as pH 1.0 to pH 13.0. The voltammetric detection of ibuprofen was carried out from −0.5 V to 1.8 V versus Ag/AgCl using glassy carbon electrode (GCE) as transducers. The oxidation peak around 1.6 V obtained for ibuprofen while employing electrode showed maximum current response. This peak was chosen for… 

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