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Square-Well Approximation for the Anharmonic and the Double-Well Oscillators

  title={Square-Well Approximation for the Anharmonic and the Double-Well Oscillators},
  author={B. P. Mahapatra and N. B. Pradhan},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
A novel general approximation scheme (NGAS) proposed earlier (ref.2-3) is applied to the problem of the quartic anharmonic (QAHO) and the double-well-oscillator (QDWO) in quantum theory by choosing the infinite square-well-potential in one dimension as the input approximation. The leading order (LO) results obtained for the energy eigen-values are uniformly accurate to within a few percent of the exact results for $arbitrary$ values of the quartic coupling: $\lambda > 0$ and the level-index… 

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