Squamous cell carcinoma as a cause of dyspnea and blindness in a horse.


An 8-year-old Quarter Horse mare was examined for chronic nasal discharge and obstruction of both nasal passages. A solid mass lesion was identified in the maxillary sinuses, soft palate, nasal and pharyngeal cavities. Palliative surgery was used to debulk the lesion and facilitate nasal airflow. Squamous cell carcinoma was diagnosed from surgical biopsies. Approximately 7-8 weeks after surgery, the mare was observed to be acutely blind. Ophthalmologic examination revealed central origin blindness and active retinitis. The squamous cell carcinoma had reobstructed the nasal passages. Pressure by the expanding tumor deformed the ethmoid and sphenoid bones resulting in compression of the optic tracts. No bony invasion by the tumor was present.

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