Squamous cell carcinoma arising in a neglected pilonidal sinus

  title={Squamous cell carcinoma arising in a neglected pilonidal sinus},
  author={Konstantinos S. Atmatzidis and Theodoros E. Pavlidis and Basilios Th Papaziogas and K. Psaralexis and Thomas B. Papaziogas},
  journal={International Journal of Colorectal Disease},
Published online: 1 November 2001 © Springer-Verlag 2001 ic pilonidal disease. We believe that the early diagnosis of this rare complication was essential for the prognosis and for this reason might be of interest for the clinician. A 61-year old man presented in the outpatient department suffering from a chronic pilonidal sinus with multiple fistulas along the mesogluteal line over a 30-year period. He mentioned multiple abscess formations in the past, which needed drainage. Clinical… CONTINUE READING


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