Sputter depth profiling of InN layers

  title={Sputter depth profiling of InN layers},
  author={Rastislav Kosiba and Gernot Ecke and Volker Cimalla and Lothar Spiess and Stefan Krischok and Juergen A. Schaefer and Oliver Ambacher and William J. Schaff},
  • Rastislav Kosiba, Gernot Ecke, +5 authors William J. Schaff
  • Published 2004
  • Chemistry
  • Abstract Epitaxial InN layers have been investigated by means of sputter depth profiling with low energy argon ions in conjunction with Auger electron spectroscopy. We have proven that the incidence angle of the ion beam plays a crucial role in the sputter behaviour of InN and is very important for the proper sputter depth profiling procedure. The sputtering under normal incidence and at 60° with respect to the surface normal leads to a strong nitrogen depletion at the InN surface and the… CONTINUE READING

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