Springer Handbook of Acoustics

  title={Springer Handbook of Acoustics},
  author={Manfred R. Schroeder and T. D. Rossing and F. Dunn and William Hartmann and D. Murray Campbell and Neville H. Fletcher},
Acoustics, the science of sound, has developed into a broad interdisciplinary field encompassing the academic disciplines of physics, engineering, psychology, speech, audiology, music, architecture, physiology, neuroscience, and others. The Springer Handbook of Acoustics is an unparalleled modern handbook reflecting this richly interdisciplinary nature edited by one of the acknowledged masters in the field, Thomas Rossing. Researchers and students benefit from the comprehensive contents… 
Vertebrate Sound Production and Acoustic Communication
This chapter provides a historical overview of the origins of two critical bodies of theory, the source-fi lter theory of vocal production and the myo-elastic aerodynamic theory of the voice source, and details how these theories were gradually applied to nonhuman animal vocalizations.
Analysis of concert hall acoustics via visualizations of time-frequency and spatiotemporal responses.
Results indicate that the seat dip attenuation in the frequency response is corrected the best when the hall provides most lateral reflections, and suggest that the proposed analysis is suitable for explaining concert hall acoustics in detail.
Stage acoustics in concert halls: a study of musicians' acoustical environment
Designing concert hall acoustics is a prestigious task which demands high accuracy of acoustical measures such as support, strength, reverberation, and other numerous parameters. However, little is
Acoustic radiation patterns of the silo music phenomenon
In this work, we apply the theory of radiation and reception of acoustic waves in the analysis of the acoustic contributions of the silo music phenomenon. The length portion of the silo where the
The Acoustic Environment of York Minster’s Chapter House
York Minster is the largest medieval Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe, renowned for its magnificent architecture and its stained glass windows. Both acoustic measurements and simulation techniques
Acoustical Environment of the Al-Rabat Concert Hall in Baghdad
The acoustic parameters (RT 30 , EDT, C 80 , G) and noise rating curves for evaluating background noise levels are measured in the Al-Rabat Concert Hall in Baghdad. The aim of the measurements is to
Psychology Meets Archaeology: Psychoarchaeoacoustics for Understanding Ancient Minds and Their Relationship to the Sacred
Here, the author advocates for the emergence of a new and innovative discipline, experimental psychoarchaeoacoustics, and reviews underlying methodological approaches and discusses the limitations, challenges, and future directions for this new field.
A review of acoustic energy harvesting
Acoustic energy is an important form of energy which is generated and unused all around us. Despite the prevalence of acoustic energy a major challenge of energy harvesting is the low power density
Characterization of underwater acoustic sources recorded in reverberant environments with application to SCUBA signatures
The ability to accurately characterize an underwater sound source is an important prerequisite for many applications including detection, classification, monitoring and mitigation. Unfortunately,


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