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Spreadsheets - the Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly

  title={Spreadsheets - the Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly},
  author={Angus Dunn},
  • A. Dunn
  • Published 28 September 2010
  • Education
  • ArXiv
Spreadsheets are ubiquitous, heavily relied on throughout vast swathes of finance, commerce, industry, academia and Government. They are also acknowledged to be extraordinarily and unacceptably prone to error. If these two points are accepted, it has to follow that their uncontrolled use has the potential to inflict considerable damage. One approach to controlling such error should be to define as "good practice" a set of characteristics that a spreadsheet must possess and as "bad practice… 
From Good Practices to Effective Policies for Preventing Errors in Spreadsheets
An expert-based, retrospective approach to the identification of good practices for spreadsheets is proposed, based on an evaluation loop that cross-validates the findings of human domain experts against rules implemented in a semi-automated spreadsheet workbench, taking into account the context in which the spreadsheets are used.
Leveraging User Profile and Behaviour to Design Practical Spreadsheet Controls for the Finance Function
Even without a corporate mandated effort to improve spreadsheet controls, finance functions can take simple yet effective steps to start managing the risk of errors in key spreadsheets by strategically selecting controls that complement existing user practice.
Improvement of Spreadsheet Quality through Reduction of End-User Overconfidence: Case Study
This paper is prompted by and based on earlier research into developers' overconfidence as one of the main causes of spreadsheet errors. Similar to related research, the aim of the paper was to
Based on a selection of current best practices, this paper presents several proposals for updating/innovating courses related to spreadsheet development, and suggests that spreadsheet error prevention and reduction techniques are used rarely.
Introducing Morphit, a new type of spreadsheet technology
A new type of spreadsheet which mitigates the errors caused by incorrect range referencing in formulae, composed of structured worksheets called tables which contain a hierarchical organization of fields.
Banking competition and misconduct: how dire economic conditions affect banking behavior
Increasingly, in the last decade, largely due to perceived greater shareholder pressures for more profitable performance, compensation maximization has taken center stage in some segments of the
Empirical study on spreadsheet quality: Case of Serbian SMEs
This paper presents the results of a research which involved analysis of spreadsheets collected from 40 Serbian SMEs. Based on related research, the collected spreadsheets were analysed for presence
EnGarde: Mutually-Trusted Inspection of SGX Enclaves
  • Hai Nguyen, V. Ganapathy
  • Computer Science
    2017 IEEE 37th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS)
  • 2017
EnGarde is a system that allows cloud providers to ensure SLA compliance on enclave content, and is able to achieve its goals without compromising the security guarantees offered by the SGX, and imposes no runtime overhead on the execution of enclave code.
Fehlererkennung in Spreadsheets
The concept of an inspection-facility for spreadsheets is proposed, laying the technical foundation to check spreadsheets for errors with statical and dynamic means and making it possible to execute configurable static tests that check spreadsheet for indiviudal policies.


Automated Spreadsheet Development
The challenge is to find a way of creating spreadsheets which will preserve the benefit of their power and flexibility while making their creation more transparent and safer.
Spreadsheet good practice: is there any such thing?
The author urges that EuSpRIG does not succumb to internal or external pressures to champion a particular set of "best practices", because no such set is optimal in all spreadsheet applications.
A Paradigm for Spreadsheet Engineering Methodologies
This paradigm provides a framework for evaluation, comparison, and selection of methodologies, and a list of essential elements for developers or codifiers of new methodologies.
Spreadsheet Engineering: A Research Framework
Spreadsheet engineering adapts the lessons of software engineering to spreadsheets, providing eight principles as a framework for organizing spreadsheet programming recommendations to overcome the heterogeneity of spreadsheet users.
New Guidelines For Spreadsheets
Rules of style for text, graphics, and mathematics are examined and a new style is applied to spreadsheets, which contrasts with the existing programming style.
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