Spreadsheet-aided numerical experimentation: analytic formula for Fibonacci numbers

  title={Spreadsheet-aided numerical experimentation: analytic formula for Fibonacci numbers},
  author={Timothy J. Rolfe},
  journal={ACM SIGCSE Bull.},
  • T. Rolfe
  • Published 1 June 2003
  • Mathematics
  • ACM SIGCSE Bull.
Spreadsheet representations of recurrences allow numerical experimentation with potential analytic solutions to those recurrences. This paper uses a very simple recurrence for which the analytic solution is quite obvious when one examines the values generated by the recurrence, and then examines another recurrence for which the solution is not obvious. 
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. By interpreting various sums involving Fibonacci and Lucas numbers physically, we show how one can often generate an additional summation with little effort. To illustrate the fruitfulness of the
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