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Spreadsheet Structure Discovery with Logic Programming

  title={Spreadsheet Structure Discovery with Logic Programming},
  author={Jocelyn Paine},
  • J. Paine
  • Published 26 February 2008
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
Our term "structure discovery" denotes the recovery of structure, such as the grouping of cells, that was intended by a spreadsheet's author but is not explicit in the spreadsheet. We are implementing structure discovery tools in the logic-programming language Prolog for our spreadsheet analysis program Model Master, by writing grammars for spreadsheet structures. The objective is an "intelligent structure monitor" to run beside Excel, allowing users to reconfigure spreadsheets to the… 
Implementing logic spreadsheets in LESS
Logic Embedded in SpreadSheets (LESS) is presented, a system which integrates PowerLoom, a highly expressive logic-based KR&R system, with Microsoft (MS) Excel and explores trade-offs between direct access to the underlying logic engine and user-friendly support for spreadsheets users.
Maintaining Liveness in a Spreadsheet with Logic Programming
This paper addresses the problem of maintaining liveness in L-sheets, a recently proposed extension to spreadsheets that is augmented with a form of visual logic programming in which term unification is replaced by array unification, providing both improved programmability and a means to specify the high-level structure of sheets.
Automated model-based spreadsheet debugging
Several new algorithmic enhancements of the general MBD approach are combined in this thesis to allow spreadsheet users to debug their spreadsheets and to efficiently find the reason of the observed unexpected output values.
How do you know your spreadsheet is right?
This is the most fundamental level of your work, and the most creative moment in the entire existence of your spreadsheet, so think before you write.
Rapid Spreadsheet Reshaping with Excelsior: multiple drastic changes to content and layout are easy when you represent enough structure
Excelsior, the first ever tool for modularising spreadsheets, represents spreadsheets in a way that makes these components explicit, separates them from layout, and allows both components and layout to be changed without breaking dependent formulae.
Reducing Error in Spreadsheets: Example Driven Modeling Versus Traditional Programming
Experimental data supporting an alternative approach to developing decision support spreadsheets using a Programming by Demonstration paradigm is presented and benefits and limitations this method offers are described through statistical analysis of the experimental results.
Excelsior: Bringing the Benefits of Modularisation to Excel
Excelsior is presented, a system for bringing modular design features to Excel that would save time, avoid unneeded programming, make mistakes less likely, make code-control easier, help organisations adopt a uniform house style, and open business opportunities in buying and selling spreadsheet modules.
A knowledge-based system for cost modelling of aircraft gas turbines
It is shown how the tool provides fast incremental cost fluctuations in response to changes in component geometry and the uncertain quantities present in cost models and analyses cost risk.
Beyond Regulatory Compliance for Spreadsheet Controls: A Tutorial to Assist Practitioners and a Call for Research
An analysis of the prior work on error prevention and detection in spreadsheets as it relates to SOX and IT governance frameworks, more generally and suggestions to help IT practitioners in organizations look beyond SOX regulations at governance of end-user developed content are provided.


Ensuring Spreadsheet Integrity with Model Master
The Model Master (MM) language for describing spreadsheets, and tools for converting MM programs to and from spreadsheet, which makes possible a new style of development, in which spreadsheets are generated from textual specifications.
The Art of Prolog
An example of the advantage of intertwining generating and testing can be seen with programs solving the N queens problem, which requires the placement of N pieces on an Nby-N rectangular board so that no two pieces are on the same line.
Spreadsheet algebra
  • Spreadsheet algebra
  • 2004
A Scalable Approach to Spreadsheet Visualization
Prolog programming for artificial intelligence
Amzi ! Prolog plus Logic Server
  • “ Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence ”
  • 1990
The SNOBOL4 programming languge
  • The SNOBOL4 programming languge
  • 1971
De Compilation, http://www.program-transformation.org/twiki/bin/view/Transform/DeCompilation
  • De Compilation, http://www.program-transformation.org/twiki/bin/view/Transform/DeCompilation
Publishing and Using Spreadsheets on the Web”, Computers in Higher Education Economics Review, Volume 15
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