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Spreadsheet End-User Behaviour Analysis

  title={Spreadsheet End-User Behaviour Analysis},
  author={Brian Bishop and Kevin McDaid},
To aid the development of spreadsheet debugging tools, a knowledge of end-users natural behaviour within the Excel environment would be advantageous. This paper details the design and application of a novel data acquisition tool, which can be used for the unobtrusive recording of end-users mouse, keyboard and Excel specific actions during the debugging of Excel spreadsheets. A debugging experiment was conducted using this data acquisition tool, and based on analysis of end-users performance and… 
Can Named Ranges Improve the Debugging Performance of Novice Spreadsheet Users?
This paper analyses the suitability of certain refactoring methods, in particular those concerning naming, to spreadsheet development, and the effect they can have on both spreadsheet quality and the
An Exploratory Analysis of the Impact of Named Ranges on the Debugging Performance of Novice Users
It is suggested that novice users debug on average significantly fewer errors if the spreadsheet contains named ranges, and this paper describes an exploratory empirical study of the effect of named ranges on spreadsheet debugging performance.
How do Range Names Hinder Novice Spreadsheet Debugging Performance?
Range names are investigated in a more structured and controlled manner the effect they have on the debugging performance of novice spreadsheet users.
From error detection to behaviour observation: first results from screen capture analysis
This paper deals with errors in using spreadsheets and analysis of automatic recording of user interaction with spreadsheets, and advocates the importance of going from error detection to interaction behaviour analysis.
The Detection of Human Spreadsheet Errors by Humans versus Inspection (Auditing) Software
This study attempted to find errors in human-developed spreadsheets to avoid the potential artifacts created by error seeding, and found Excel Error Check and Spreadsheet Professional were almost useless for correctly flagging natural (human) errors.
Effect of Range Naming Conventions on Reliability and Development Time for Simple Spreadsheet Formulas
It is found that the choice of naming convention can have a significant impact on novice and intermediate users' performance in formula development, with less structured naming conventions resulting in poorer performance by users.
Error Estimation in Large Spreadsheets using Bayesian Statistics
Early research that has been carried out into the use of Bayesian Statistical methods to estimate the level of error in large spreadsheets during cell be cell examination based on expert knowledge and partial spreadsheet test data are outlined.


An Empirical Study of End-User Behaviour in Spreadsheet Error Detection & Correction
Time-based cell activity analysis showed that a strong correlation exists between the percentage of cells inspected and the number of errors corrected, and that Professionals significantly outperformed students in correcting certain error types.
GoalDebug: A Spreadsheet Debugger for End Users
A systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of inferred change suggestions and the employed ranking heuristics is described and it is shown that change inference process and the rankingHeuristics have both been substantially improved and that the system performs effectively.
Extracting usability information from user interface events
This survey examines computer-aided techniques used by HCI practitioners and researchers to extract usability-related information from user interface events and provides a conceptual evaluation to help identify some of the relative merits and drawbacks of the various classes of approaches.
Auditing Large Spreadsheet Programs
This paper presents an approach that enables auditors to understand the structure of large spreadsheets by aggregating cells with related properties and it will be shown, how different auditing strategies can be supported by this approach.
Testing Homogeneous Spreadsheet Grids with the "What You See Is What You Test" Methodology
This work presents two approaches to spreadsheet testing that explicitly support largely homogeneous grids and presents the algorithms, time complexities, and performance data comparing the two approaches.
Factors Affecting the Ability to Detect Spreadsheet Errors
The subject of spreadsheet error detection is examined in detail and an experiment designed to identify those factors influencing the error-detection capabilities of a sample of spreadsheet users is described.
Errors in Operational Spreadsheets
This research addresses three questions about errors in operational spreadsheets: what is the aver age cell error rate, how does it differ among spreadsheets, and what types of errors are most prevalent.
Managing code inspection information
Nine key metrics that software project managers can use to plan, monitor, and improve inspections are defined and graphs of these metrics expose problems early and can help managers evaluate the inspection process itself.
Comparison of Characteristics and Practices amongst Spreadsheet Users with Different Levels of Experience
An internet-based questionnaire on spreadsheet use is administered to a large number of users in several companies and organizations to document how spreadsheets are currently being developed and used in business and indicates that gaps have multiple dimensions.