• Engineering
  • Published 2010

Spreading system for measuring area of tobacco leaf surface

  title={Spreading system for measuring area of tobacco leaf surface},
  author={堵劲松 and 席年生 and 张玉海 and 徐大勇 and 李善莲 and 王兵 and 邓国栋 and 金跃平},
The utility model discloses a spreading system for measuring the area of a tobacco leaf surface, which comprises a quantitative feeding device, a screening separation device and a discharging conveyor, wherein the quantitative feeding device consists of a metering conveying belt, a transmission motor and a stirring roller, and the stirring roller is arranged at the tail end of the metering conveying belt; the screening separation device consists of a rack, sieving trays with a plurality of… CONTINUE READING