Spread of HIV infection in married monogamous women in India.

  title={Spread of HIV infection in married monogamous women in India.},
  author={Raman Raghunathrao Gangakhedkar and Margaret E. Bentley and Anand D Divekar and Deepak A Gadkari and Sanjay Madhav Mehendale and Mary E Shepherd and Robert C Bollinger and Thomas C Quinn},
  volume={278 23},
CONTEXT A high prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in female sex workers (FSWs) and men who attend sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinics poses a risk for spread of infection to other populations. OBJECTIVE To examine spread of HIV to a low-risk population by comparing prevalence of, and risk factors for, HIV and STDs in FSWs and non-FSWs. METHODS Women attending STD clinics in Pune, India, were assessed for STDs and HIV from May 13, 1993, to July 11, 1996… CONTINUE READING