Spread in aspect angles of equatorial E region irregularities

  title={Spread in aspect angles of equatorial E region irregularities},
  author={Fei Lu and Donald T. Farley and Wesley E. Swartz},
[1] We revisit and extend the 50 MHz radar aspect angle study made in Peru by Kudeki and Farley in 1985, taking advantage of upgraded facilities at Jicamarca. We discuss here (1) type 1 and 2 echoes from the electrojet region, (2) early evening echoes from somewhat above the electrojet, and (3) daytime "150 km" echoes from the ∼145 to 170 km altitude region. Our electrojet data (1) confirm the earlier results for weak type 2 conditions, namely, that the rms aspect angle θ rms decreases from… CONTINUE READING